Domestic Violence Groups – Court Approved

Domestic violence is a form of abuse. It engages injuring somebody; usually a partner or spouse, but it can also be a child, parent or another member of the family.

This is a severe problem. It is a common cause of damage and injury. People may experience physical injuries such as broken bones or bruises. They might also suffer psychologically from social isolation, anxiety, and depression.

It is rigid to know accurately how universal domestic violence is since people regularly do not report it. There is no usual victim. It may happen amid people of all ages. It involves those of all levels of education and income.

But always remember that domestic violence should not happen to anyone. But the sad fact is it really does and when it does; don’t hesitate to ask for assistance for help or try to join online domestic violence classes. Possibly you have lived with violence, and it happened just once that’s why you don’t even try to complain.

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death an injury among women. Domestic violence classes Beverly Hills can help improve the quality of relationships and family life. Most people seek online domestic violence classes once the problem has escalated to a legal level, thus, most of our classes are taken for court and legal requirements. We at Beverly Hills Counseling guarantee the quality and acceptance of our classes or your money will be fully refunded.

Domestic violence classes Beverly Hills offers several length classes for domestic violence and they are all offered completely online. Since the modules are Internet-based, you can take them at your own pace. All of our programs are available 24 hours a day from any piece of equipment that has Internet access. A Certificate of achievement is provided at no charge. These classes are also commonly referred to as domestic abuse classes or domestic violence programs.

Our licensed counselors have prepared courses that are fast, easy and stress-free! Just study, take the test and collect your verifiable Letter of Completion. To know more or to join feel free to contact us!

Beverly Hills Counseling offers 


for Men and for Women who have been court ordered to attend Batterer’s classes.
Our program is on the “Approved by the Los Angeles County Probation Department” list,
and meets the standards for classes in most other states and counties.
Please note: court approved classes ARE NOT available OnLine, 
nor does the county allow online classes to fulfill the requirement. 
E-mail ( or call/text (310-271-3784) today to make arrangements to enroll, or make an appointment for individual counseling. 

Our Schedule of Classes
​Mens Domestic Violence Classes
 Tues 4:30 pm
Thursday 6:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 am
Womens Domestic Violence Class
Tues 6:30 pm

 NO enrollment fee, NO workbook fees 
or paperwork fees….
Cost: $50 per class or $48 per class / if you pay for 4 sessions
at a time – $192.00 – a $$ SAVINGS!!!
VISA / MC / AMEX / Discover accepted

Please note:                                                  

If you recognize you are stuck in an abusive relationship
as the potential batterer or the victim,
and want to make some changes NOW,
we do offer individual counseling and psychotherapy 
to help you end the cycle of violence
in a safe, sane and supportive manner. 
Call or text 310 271 3784 or email