Although anger is totally normal and healthy states of emotion, for some people, it can be an issue.

Anger Management groups at Beverly Hills Counseling are well respected, we were one of the first programs on the court listings in 1994!

Our classes/groups are offered at our South Beverly Drive office, for those ordered to an Anger Management Program for:
     Road Rage, Air Rage, and/or other Altercations and Encounters.
Please note:  At the present time, most Los Angeles County courts don’t allow Online Classes to meet their court orders, though other counties and states do.

E-mail or call us today to make arrangements to enroll in the classes.
Our schedule of Anger Mgt. classes:
Anger Mgt Classes \ Co-ed Men and Women – Sat 10:30 am
      Men only – Tues 4:30pm & Thurs 6:30 pm
Women only – Tuesday 6:30 pm​

 Cost:  $50/per class or $48 per class by paying

for 4 classes at a time ($192.00) — a $$ SAVINGS!!!
We take MC / VISA / AMEX / Discover
No enrollment fee, NO workbook fees or paperwork fees….
There are further savings if you elect to pay for the full fee at one time.
      Phone/Text : 310 271 3784 or email:         


   REMEMBER, every one gets angry, but ANGER out of control becomes rage, and RAGE leads to violence… and often jail.

    Violence is a learned behavior.  We are taught violence.  Much of the violence comes as a result of failure “to control” the environment, the situation.  Violence, destruction- become the last “control tool”.   With some counseling, education, and understanding you can learn to MANAGE your anger, control your temper, relax… and LIVE LONGER!   dr.g.

In addition to our court ordered classes, if you recognize, or others notice, that you are often ANGRY, Ticked OFF, or go from Anger to RAGE in a heartbeat…  and you want to make some changes — NOW!!!

We offer individual counseling in our office, plus an ONLINE Self Help Anger Program to help you bring your temper/anger into control.