We provide counseling & psychotherapy for those ready to move forward, or to sort out some of their past. We are here to help you have a better life. It is the only one you will have, so make the best of it and enjoy yourself.

Therapy is a process of evaluating your thoughts, emotions, feelings and relationship habits in a way to obtain greater self-awareness and empathy for yourself and others, as well as to reveal the ways you may unconsciously deny yourself the full potential to live your life healthily and complete.

We at Beverly Hills Counseling want you to roll along the best you can, no matter how bumpy the road may be at times.

Counseling, Psychotherapy & Career Coaching

Specializing in-
Depression and Anxiety; Self Esteem Building;
Life Adjustments; Relationships;
Grief Counseling; LGBTQ Issues;
Personal Growth;
Entertainment Industry Pressures;
Elder Care
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