Tuesday’s (DV):
4:30 pm(Men) & 6:30 pm (women)

Thursday’s (DV):
6:30 pm (Men)

  1. Saturday’s (Ang Mgt)
    10:30 am (Coed)
the Good News?

 You get
Beverly Hills Care
with reasonable
competitive pricing!

Beverly Hills Counseling

We are a Brick and Mortar based Psychotherapy Practice.

We offer Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling as well as Groups – Court Ordered Groups (Domestic Violence and Anger Management) and Growth Groups for your personal growth, plus many links to INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS to Books by Dr. Gordon to BLOGS on psych topics and soon a YOUTUBE Channel with suggestions and thoughts for you.

Jim Gordon, Ph.D., mft

Amanda Berkowitz, LMFT

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