PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19 restrictions and concern for us all, GROUPS WILL NOT BE MEETING LIVE but via ZOOM indefinitely.

We are a Brick and Mortar based Psychotherapy Practice.

We offer Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling as well as Groups – Court Ordered Groups (Domestic Violence and Anger Management) and Growth Groups for your personal growth, plus many links to INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS to Books by Dr. Gordon to BLOGS on psych topics and to our YOUTUBE Channel with suggestions and thoughts for you.

Jim Gordon, Ph.D., mft

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Dr. G's Blog

An APP inside the womb?

What if YOU had an APP inside the womb? AND you saw what was coming up in 2020, would you want to stay inside? Or look forward to the challenge? Or start drinking Early! Today Read more…

Isolation during Pandemic

Don’t PANIC this shall end, but in the meantime keep busy. There are things to do from – YUP good old Netflix, Hulu, Prime etc to new things you haven’t done before. Many of my Read more…

pandemic times… oh my

Difficult time for us all as we get up to crazy news every day. I use a phrase which is a modification of those ‘always happy things folks say’, “Cheer up, things could be worse!!! Read more…