As April comes to an end, I would like to close out this series by highlighting some of the amazing characteristics of the Autism community. Since Autism is described as a spectrum, each individual will have different challenges and strengths. It is essential to recognize that our loved ones on the spectrum are strong and resilient. My son teaches me every day that he learns and grows at his own pace. When we look at ASD, we must accept and understand that those on the spectrum do not wish to be seen as people we need to fix. Instead, we are the ones who should adjust how we teach and view the world.

Some on the Autism spectrum demonstrate special interests and often fixate on them. I want to invite you to look at the positive aspects of this by helping your child explore and cultivate their special interests. For example, my son loves creating robots and has a deep interest in animatronics. We view his obsession with technology and creating as a skill we can help him develop to use it in the future. Show your child that you are interested in the things they are into!

There is a stigma surrounding emotions and Autism. I have read countless articles on how ASD interferes with the ability to recognize or reciprocate affection. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this hurtful stigma. While I do reiterate every person with ASD is different, I firmly believe that those on the Autism spectrum show their love in many ways. There is a quote I have always held in my heart, “Love needs no words.” For those with nonverbal family members, I think you would agree! Every hug, smile, gaze, tug lets us know that our kids feel the same emotions we do. As always, I would like to end by encouraging you to comment on what you think. I would love for us to continue these conversations. Let me know what you want to discuss. And never forget that Autism awareness and acceptance should be celebrated every day. Celebrate the good and the bad and always celebrate the differences that make those with Autism amazing.

Nancy Aguilar

Hi! My name is Nancy Aguilar. I am thrilled to share my thoughts and experiences with you through the BH Counseling blog. Together we will explore important topics such as Autism. Whether you are a parent raising a child on the spectrum or an individual with ASD, you are welcomed to engage in meaningful conversation.