wow… we are dealing with Ego’s, Ids, and Super-Ego’s a lot lately…

Mr. Rogers said it well many years ago, and then in his last public appearance – a University Graduation.

“It’s YOU I like.

It’s not the things you wear.
It’s not the way you do your hair.
But it’s YOU I like, the way you are night now,
the way down deep inside of you YOU.
Not the things that hide you, not your fancy clothes or shoes,
But It’s YOU I like, every part of you.
Your skin, your eyes, your FEELINGS.
Whether you are old or new, I hope that you remember, even
when you’re feeling blue, that it’s you I like. It’s you,
yourself, it’s you… it’s YOU I like.
mr. rogers”
When with good friends, or folks who become our BFF’s, what works is the YOU,
the way down deep inside YOU, not the Super Ego all decorated and fancy,
but the YOU that is YOU.  The YOU who understands my feelings,
and I understand yours, often without having to explain… Like our Puppy
does when we are feeling blue and just keeps us company, no talk,
no argue, no logical reasoning, they are just there for YOU.

just sayin…. dr. g. 

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